BlackBerry was launched in India with new-age android smartphones and partner Optiemus Infracom Ltd. for their sales and distribution.


BlackBerry Evolve & Evolve X were two homegrown android BlackBerry handset which were launched in India by Optiemus Infracom Ltd. We have worked on official video for the these two models which got featured in multiple online platforms as well we have used it in launch event for which we have highly appreciated by everyone.

BlackBerry Evolve Teaser

Some Highlights

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Android + BlackBerry Fusion

Light-weight Alloy Frame

Most Awesome Keypad

Dual Camera Setup

Most Secure Android

Rubberised Back Panels

BlackBerry Evolve Reveal Video

Studio Lighting Setup

Fingerprint Sensor Reveal

Advanced Keypad

Smartphone Reveal

Final Reveal